What Blockchain Can Do for the World

Aligning with our vision of making crypto available to the masses, we wanted to take some time to share some of the real-world use cases of blockchain technology, and how it is already changing our lives for the better.

In its most basic sense, blockchain records secure decentralized data that tracks assets in an efficient, traceable, quick, and transparent way. Many industries are turning to blockchain to better their business, cutting costs and improving the quality of their offerings.

Improving Food Product Reliability

Blockchain is revolutionizing the food supply chain. It makes it possible to know exactly where and how your food is grown. Regulators can keep track of important quality details such as listing fruit and vegetables as organic, and preventing fraudulent claims that in the past could have slipped through the cracks during distribution. It also makes it possible for grocers to easily pull the supply from shelves if a known provider discovers problems such as contamination, making it much easier to prevent disasters. Additionally, blockchain allows suppliers to keep track of the supply levels everywhere food is sent to avoid waste.

Ensuring a Vehicle's History

In the auto industry, blockchain technology is already beginning to ensure quality assurance for the consumers, and will only get better over time.  During manufacturing, companies can be held accountable to higher standards by recording where parts and materials are sourced.  When purchasing a used car, it is nerve-racking to make a major financial commitment to a car that may not be reliable. Blockchain allows for key events in the automobile's lifespan to be recorded, shared publicly, and free from alterations. A buyer can know a plethora of information, such as collision history, service checks and repairs, and mileage. All of this helps to make better buying decisions. One of the nightmares of taking vehicles to a mechanic is not knowing what has gone into making the repairs. If mechanics are required to record all of the work into a blockchain service, it will drastically reduce fraudulent behavior.

An Easier Diagnosis?

The healthcare system and blockchain technology are crucial pairings. When it comes to making decisions for health and wellness, it is important to be able to pull up a patient's records and have the entries be time-stamped and irreversible. With blockchain, doctors can easily refer back to periods in the patient's life that directly relate to current diagnoses.  Examples include medication history, test results, prior illnesses, allergies, etc. Findings are easily shareable with the transparency of blockchain, which can lead to colleagues discovering medical breakthroughs based on past cases.

At Meqa, we believe all of the key aspects of blockchain should also apply to your financial future, much like the real-world examples listed above.  In our ecosystem, we are setting out to create products and services that facilitate the goals of what blockchain is meant to represent. Starting with being on the Avalanche Network, allowing for quick and affordable transactions. We have built strategic partnerships with experts in security and verification, such as Hacken Foundation and Coindor, and will endorse projects on our launchpad that share our vision for a safer and easier crypto world.
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